Measuring Changes in PubCon Time

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Measuring Changes in PubCon Time

Last year we were proud sponsors of both PubCon in Las Vegas and PubCon South in Austin. Since we returned home from Vegas in November, we’ve been moving full steam ahead on a plethora of new tools, updates, feature requests, and doing everything we can to make the system run as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’re excited to be sponsoring PubCon South again this year, and wanted to give everyone an update on what we’ve been up to since we last saw you in Vegas this past November.

MajesticSEO Partnership

We forged a partnership with British firm MajesticSEO to build tools around their amazingly impressive database. They say they are “the planet’s most comprehensive backlinks provider” and we believe them! Utilizing their data, we’ve built two amazingly robust linkbuilding and research tools, Site Finder and Backlink Explorer. Expect even more things to come from their data in the future, as well as frequent updates to the tools we’ve already built.

SERP Tracker is Faster, Stronger, and Able to Leap Tall Buildings!

The New Guy, also known as Phil Dier, has come on board recently and is solely dedicated to making sure that the SERP Tracker runs as quickly and as accurately as it possibly can. We won’t stop hazing him until the next New Guy comes along, but we are very glad to have him with us and making SERP Tracker as good as it possibly can be.

AdWords Service Rewritten. It Leaps Buildings…You Know the Drill

Our resident data joggler, Jason Tan, has been hard at work tapping into the new AdWords API so the data you see in the places we pull that information in is as accurate and fast as possible.

Countless Number of Tweaks and Updates

Every day we get feature requests from our users and we try to implement as many of them that we can. Got an idea on something that would make your life easier when you’re using Raven? We want to hear it.

Better Support Ticket System for Managing Requests and Fixing Bugs

All support tickets come into one central location, and then are filtered out to the correct person to answer the question or fix the bug as quickly as possible. We hope this streamlined process means quicker response time, quicker bug fixes, and quicker implementation of feature requests.

More Developers Means More Features and Updates

Like I mentioned above, Phil is brand new here at Raven HQ, and we’re going to be adding a few more Phil’s here in the coming months to help us roll out new, major tools in the future.

New Enterprise Features Coming Soon!

This has been something we’ve really been pushing hard on for the last month or two, and we’ll have some exciting news very soon on upcoming enterprise features. First up is something that we actually just released, which allows admins to now define user roles that disable the Toolbar, Support, and Forum, which allows for better white-labeling. Next will be more fine-grain access rights and aggregate reporting.

New Affiliate Program

Our Product Marketing Manager, Taylor Pratt, has been working with Team Loxly on our affiliate program, which he detailed last week. It’s a pretty robust program, so if you have any interest in sharing Raven with your friends or readers, please feel free to sign up.

While I won’t be attending PubCon South this week, be on the lookout for our booth in the exhibit area, along with Matt, Taylor, and Alyson (yes, there are two of us!). They’ll have some Raven t-shirts to hand out at the booth, and would be happy to give anyone attending the conference a little walkthrough of the tools. By the time we see you at the next PubCon in November, we should have many, MANY new tools implemented in Raven. Enjoy Dallas!

Alison Groves is the User Evangelist for Raven Internet Marketing Tools. She helps make the things that make dreams take flight. She likes sports, yelling, and yelling at sports.

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