Maxed Out New Mac Pro Requires Car Loan


Maxed Out New Mac Pro Requires Car Loan

The Apple Store is a fun place to dream. Unfortunately, my orders usually end being the lowest end configuration. For example, if I were to buy the Mac Pro, the lowest price option would be $2,299.00. But what would the price tag be if I allowed myself to dream a little? I configured the new Mac Pro with the best options possible. The price tag? A whopping $27,340.90! Here’s what you get:

Dream Mac Pro

  • Two 3.2GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon (8-core)
  • 32GB (8 x 4GB)
  • Mac Pro RAID Card
  • 300GB 15,000-rpm SAS
  • 300GB 15,000-rpm SAS
  • 300GB 15,000-rpm SAS
  • 300GB 15,000-rpm SAS
  • NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 1.5GB (Stereo 3D, two dual-link DVI)
  • Apple Cinema HD Display (30″ flat panel)
  • Apple Cinema HD Display (30″ flat panel)
  • Two 16x SuperDrives
  • AirPort Extreme card (Wi-Fi)
  • Quad Channel 4Gb Fibre Channel PCI Express Card
  • Apple USB Modem
  • Apple wireless Mighty Mouse
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard (Western Spanish) + Mac OS X
  • Mac OS X Server (Unlimited-Client)
  • iWork ’08 preinstalled
  • Final Cut Express preinstalled
  • Aperture 1.5 preinstalled
  • Logic Express preinstalled
  • Canon PIXMA MX700 Office All-in-One Printer
  • 1-year basic membership
  • AppleCare Protection Plan for Mac Pro (w/or w/o Display) – Auto-enroll

One can dream…

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Tell us what you think

  • Chris

    My work got me one with a 30inch monitor, 5gig ram, 8core, 1tb of harddrive. Not as hardcore as above but its quick!

  • Dan

    Sign me up. I will take out a car loan for that bad dog.

  • dom

    I do this every once in a while

    when i did it it came to about 19000

  • Duncan

    I just put together an order like this and saved my shopping cart. I got a call from apple offering me special pricing. If you go for stuff like this, call in and you can get a deal.

  • Guillermo

    I would have left out the fiber channel and RAID cards and add 3 more video cards and 6 additional 30″ displays, but that’s just me.

  • Chris Morrell

    What would really throw this over the top would be the inclusion of some serious graphics cards. I’d say 4 8800Ultras would do the trick, if only the Mac Pro supported quad-SLI. Atleast Apple is making some progress by including the 8800GT under the available GPUs, that’s a step in the right direction.