Matt Cutts Reveals Google’s Next Generation of Search


Matt Cutts Reveals Google’s Next Generation of Search

Matt Cutts just revealed information about Google’s next generation of search. The new update/technology is called Bigdaddy, and it’s now live for anyone to use at and Here’s a snippet of some interesting facts about the impending update.

Q: Do you expect this to become the default source of web results? How long will it take?

A: Yes, I do expect Bigdaddy to become the default source of web results. The length of the transition will depend on lots of different issues. Right now I’m guessing 1-2 months, but if I find out more specifics I’ll let you know.

Q: Is there specific types of feedback that you want?

A: We’d like to get general quality feedback. For example, this data center lays the groundwork for better canonicalization, although most of that will follow down the road. But some improvements are already visible with site: searches. The site: operator now returns more intuitive results (this is actually live at all data centers now).

Q: Will this datacenter make me coffee? Is it the solution to all possible issues ever?

A: No. No data center will make 100% of people happy. For every url that moves into the top 10, another url moves out. And the changes on Bigdaddy are relatively subtle (less ranking changes and more infrastructure changes). Most of the changes are under the hood, and this infrastructure prepares the framework for future improvements throughout the year. If you see a webspam or quality issue, let us know so that we can work on it.

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