Marketing Reports: How to Look Good No Matter What


For many marketers, the thought of reporting conjures up nightmares of Excel spreadsheets and a vortex of time suck. You need to show not only the value of your work, but also present your results in a way your managers and clients will understand.

Even worse, when a campaign isn’t working out as well as you hoped, you need to quickly analyze why and make adjustments.

But reporting doesn’t have to be a bad word.

In fact, Raven’s new and improved online marketing reports can have you looking forward to the end of the month as they help you analyze your campaigns, make necessary changes and show off your successes.

In this Online Marketing Training Class, learn 1) the types of marketing reports you should run on a daily, weekly and monthly basis; 2) best practices for the data and analysis you’ll include in your different reports, and 3) how Raven can help you build, brand, schedule and even automate all of your reports in minutes – not hours.

At 2:45, focus on reporting for yourself – how to glean insights to make smart changes.
At 8:00, learn the best practices for reporting as a manager within Raven.
At 14:30, get smart tips for better reporting to bosses and clients.
At 25:00, see exactly how easy it is to create a custom report with a step-by-step tour.

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  • Remko van der Zwaag

    I’ve heard something about Reporting being improved in the near future? Please tell us more when you can!

    Personally, I’d like to be able to customize some more: choose which columns to show, which one first etc.

    And more specific: please bring Bouncerate to the Adwords Reports.

    That said, Raven Reporting is without a doubt the best reporting tool of all the ones I’ve tried. Keep it up!

    • RavenCourtney

      Hi Remko,
      We’ll definitely keep you posted! I’ll be sure to pass along your AdWords requests, and I can tell you that column customization is definitely on our short list as we plan improvements to reports. Hopefully we can show you that soon. Thanks for the feedback and the love!