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Marketing On Twitter

Using Twitter — and I mean really using Twitter — the past few months has been an eye-opening experience. I started to appreciate it the most when I saw how powerful Twitter could be at conferences. Both the leads and true friendships I’ve gained through Twitter have been amazing, and I’ve been wanting to write about the marketing opportunities on Twitter for several weeks now.

Thanks to a suggestion from Taylor Pratt, I recently created a new (wiki-based) resource called the SEO Guide, which is going to be a repository of howto articles on SEO and related techniques. It will also loosely tie in elements of Raven’s SEO tools when appropriate. Although the guide is in its infancy, I had the opportunity to write its first article on Twitter Marketing. In the article I highlight:

  • Getting Started With Twitter
  • Finding Friends to Follow
  • Participating In and Starting Conversations
  • Using Keywords and Hashtags
  • Using 3rd Party Apps to Manage Your Twitter Account
  • Additional Resources

All of the articles on the SEO Guide will be organic in nature thanks to the wiki architecture. I’m looking forward to continually updating the Twitter Marketing page — keeping it fresh with relevant content — along with adding and updating all of the other content I have planned for the online guide.

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