Lulu Creates Happy Marriage Between Online and Offline Publishing for Aspiring Writers and Illustrators


Lulu Creates Happy Marriage Between Online and Offline Publishing for Aspiring Writers and Illustrators

LuluSimilar to the music industry, there’s an increasing number of authors who are seeking to usurp the publishing industry by self-publishing.

Until now, the main options that aspiring authors had were e-books (glorified PDFs) and print-on-demand services, like’s BookSurge. However, Lulu appears to have successfully combined those abilities, along with a viable community, an e-commerce store and a long list of author services.

Instead of pushing items into a vast sea of publications, like, they’ve created their own niche community of writers. And unlike, their store is not cluttered and distracting, which makes it much easier to browse and digest the site’s offerings. They also include features like Preview This Book that can be found on larger online bookstores.

Authors are provided every service imaginable, including Pre-Publishing, Marketing & Distribution and Free Marketing Tools.


  • Editing
  • Basic Formatting
  • Custom Formatting
  • Custom Cover
  • Premium Cover
  • Deluxe Cover
  • Book Scanning

Marketing & Distribution

  • ISBNs
  • Book Reviews
  • Library Visibility
  • Publishing Coach
  • Online Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Pro Press Release
  • Excerpt Promotion

Free Marketing Tools

  • Widgets
  • Storefronts
  • Web Buttons and Banners
  • Google Book Search
  • Press Releases
  • Lulu Marketplace
  • Optimized Search
  • Social Networking
  • Writing Communities

LuluFrom a readers perspective, Lulu provides one of my favorite features of the Internet: accessibility to a world-wide audience. For example, Lulu provides the ability for someone like Andrew Dobson, a self-proclaimed graphic novelist, to reach new readers. Similar to my taste in indie music, as an avid reader, I would be interested in finding undiscovered talent within Lulu’s offering, instead of getting lost in’s sea of publications.

Lulu is set to become what Etsy is to craftsmakers — a community focused independent author marketplace.

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