Liveblogging PodCamp Nashville

Liveblogging PodCamp Nashville

I’m spending the day at PodCamp Nashville, where 500 or so members of the social media marketing community are gathered to hear members of the community speak on things they are passionate about, as well as plenty of fun networking. Sessions are running all day long on anything from SEO for WordPress to covering tax issues for small business. This community always has a wealth of information, and is always willing to share that with others, which is awesome to be a part of. I’ll be liveblogging throughout the day to share sessions and all of the great information that is coming out of PodCamp.

SEO Clinic: Organic Focused Site Reviews

John Ellis and Justin Briggs are kindly offering up their expertise in SEO to help give tips on optimizing sites from those in the crowd. Things such as title tags, naming images with keywords, basic link building ideas, and URL optimization are being discussed to help the audience best understand the basics of SEO, and how they can best optimize their site for crawling. Great questions coming from the audience, and it’s great to see such interest in SEO and internet marketing from a local perspective.

Maybe We’re *All* Doing It Wrong: A Contrarian View Of Social Media

Are we making ourselves crazy or just acutely neurotic? Is social media ruining our capacity to have stable, meaningful relationships? Do businesses even belong in social media? Does customer service belong in social media? All very thought provoking questions asked by Josh Oakes which gives even interesting perspective for even this Social Princess to contemplate. As someone who spends a good portion of my day doing customer support via Twitter, do I really need to be doing that? Really great presentation by Josh on thinking about social media from the opposite perspective of what I’m sure every single person in the room was doing. I enjoyed his last question of “Are we rewarding customers for their childish behavior in social media?”

Social Media and the Local Small Business

Bob Hutchins claims that you can increase your customer base by 60% with social media. A pretty huge declaration, but in the local space, I completely believe that could be true. As word of mouth becomes more broad thanks to social media, more people are hearing about local businesses because of online chatter they hear from their friend, or friends of friends. Bob notes that even with a 23% increase in population over the last 20 years, traditional advertising has dropped 20%. My favorite two words were just uttered, “meaningful conversation”, and nothing could be more true than in the local business social media space. I’m also enjoying Bob’s coining of the word “trialogue”, meaning conversation from brand, brand to audience, audience to brand, and audience to audience. Listening to the audience is a common theme, and one that should be of utmost important to local businesses. Tools mentioned include Twitter’s newly implemented local trends, and Twellow, “the Twitter Yellow Pages.”

Orchestrating A Social Media Strategy For Dummies

What do you do when your clients come to you and know they need to be in the social media space, but wonder if it worth it. And if they feel it is worth it, what is the ROI on a social campaign? First of all, your client needs to determine where they are today. Then, what is being said about their competitors and industry? Once those questions are answered, you can begin doing “social discovery”. Every organization is going to have different goals and audience when it comes to the social space, and these things need to be heavily discussed when beginning a social campaign. Best practices are so important to inform your client with, as is information on each individual platform and why you’d utilize one over the other. Presenter Kate Gallagher also gave tips on tools, including the awesome idea of using a Pandora station to promote a certain client.

SEO For WordPress

Packed house for Justin Briggs’ SEO for WordPress presentation, which is great to see. Justin is giving tips about basic setup features in WordPress to rank better for your targeted keywords, such as URL structure, site structure, utilizing categories, etc. He’s actually diving in pretty deep into the internal workings of WordPress, which is great to see, and is also giving some really great tips on plugins to use, such as Yoast Breadcrumbs and Redirection.

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    Thanks for attending. We had a blast.

    It’s always great to help the Nashville community out with some SEO tips.