Liveblog from Bolo 2011: The Future of Agencies in Paid, Earned & Owned Media

Liveblog from Bolo 2011: The Future of Agencies in Paid, Earned & Owned Media

Advertising Super Forum: The Future of Agencies in Paid, Earned & Owned Media

Session description: LThe role of the agency in paid, earned and owned media, including threats of agency disintermediation by ad networks, search engines and other vendors.

Speakers: Lisa Bari, Jason Damas, Steve Schildwachter, Matt Lawson

The skinny

Online advertising is growing, outpacing offline and traditional marketing. How do we evolve into all the digital world has to offer us?

What they said

  • Globally, paid search is $34 billion. However, online is still less than 15% of total advertising spend Advertisers spend 3 times the amount on traditional media.
  • Quality score is one of the key drivers of ROI. Focusing on quality score is becoming more and more important every day. Data you can check on in our AdWords insights tool
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  • Click-through rates on exact match have improved, but cost per click on exact match types have declined.
  • Search results have always been sculpted by user endorsements. In other words, links are king.
  • Jason points out that Google+ has been created to grab more data for their search algorithm. However, this is losing traction almost as quickly as it started.
  • SEO still exists because it has become more complicated, and has become more central to your overall marketing efforts. Bring an SEO into all of your marketing conversations.
  • This is the greatest time to be in marketing. There are so many moving parts, the possibilities are endless.
  • Do, learn, do. Move quickly, fail fast, learn, then move again.
  • Why do agencies have to justify SEO to clients? A lot of the time you are cleaning up old messes. If you can do something right the first time, it’s cheaper and an easier sell.
  • Lisa answers the ultimate question: Facebook is nothing but a repository for your data. The more data they have, the more they can advertise to you and the more things they can sell you. The end.
  • Force your clients to choose some sort of conversion goal from advertising.