Liveblog from Bolo 2011: Completing the Puzzle of Real-Time Data


Liveblog from Bolo 2011: Completing the Puzzle of Real-Time Data

Completing the Puzzle of Real-Time Data-Driven Marketing: Where’s the Missing Piece?

Session description: In putting together a complete marketing campaign, we know that building an attribution model, one which determines optimal allocation and investment of media dollars, is a key practice, especially for players with large datasets. This presentation will address the major challenges that still face data-driven marketing.

Speakers: Michael Kaushansky

The skinny

How can analytics be used to make the smartest possible marketing decisions? Note: this is a case study of a major car company. Information may not be applicable to all verticals.

What he said

  • Marketing effectiveness system: Align investment, track 360 communications, establish a link to business metrics, optimize near real-time. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  • Define KPI’s that are most important for *your* space. Don’t just use KPI’s because other marketers are using a particular KPI, develop your own.
  • KPI’s can be set up at every stage of the purchase funnel. Awareness, engagement, consideration (leads), purchase.
  • What drives unique page views? TV, display ads, search.
  • Google searches and TV are the primary drivers of total leads.
  • The funnel: TV = awareness. Display and search = engagement. Online leads = consideration.

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