Live Blogging Social South

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Live Blogging Social South

I made the trek to Birmingham, Alabama last night to attend Social South, a social media conference focused on those of us working in the medium in the south. Located at Innovation Depot in downtown Birmingham (that resembles a concrete bunker, and you know how well wireless travels through concrete walls! :)) I’m looking forward to connecting with people through the weekend, learning a lot, and talking to people about the social media monitoring tools in Raven. I’ll update as the day goes on…

Social Media Conversation: SEO for Social Media by Will Scott and Stacey Hood
Seeing as how we make a SEO toolset, I was looking forward to being a fly on the wall for this session. My fly on the wall-ness turned into questioning the future tenants of SEO, but it was fun all the same. :) It is always refreshing to me to hear people who have zero experience with SEO ask questions and learn how things work, as well as hearing how folks like Will and Stacey conduct their agency work on a daily basis. Was very excited to see a presentation on this topic at Social South, so thanks to all for putting it on.

Keynote with Dell Social Media Team
Not sure if the Dell Dudes™ are from Austin or from my homeland of Nashville, but they are the Top Dogs today at Social South. Their presentation is a pretty broad overview of getting started in social media, but from the interesting perspective of a huge corporation, which is generally hesitant to hop into the space. Michael Dell says, “these conversations are going to occur whether you like it or not.” Absolutely true, so why not get on top of that, whether you are a company of just a few like we at Raven are (I have a permanent Twitter search open on my desktop for Raven so I can ensure we follow the conversation and our customers/potential customers) or a company of thousands of employees like Dell.

New Media Tools for Non-Profit Success by Jeff Vreeland
I’ve been doing volunteer work for an organization called Off The Street Kids for about six months now, and I’ve taken charge of their social media efforts. One of my favorite sessions from PubCon South was Dave Snyder’s presentation on how his company Search and Social did a social campaign for a non-profit and managed to raise $20,000 on just a simple Twitter campaign. So it’s good to see the same sort of thread here at Social South, getting varied ideas on how to best utilize social media for non-profits. One of the common threads in all of these presentations is that your company or organization needs to identify where the conversation is surrounding your niche, and then decide on goals that best serve you. Social media as far as I’m concerned is the best way to reach a non-profit audience, because of the low entry and low maintenance costs. Just learned a new term, which I’m loving, “wired wealthy”. Interesting stats I’ll link to when I find Jeff’s slideshare. Another awesome tip… is free to 501(3)(c).

What Rockstars Can Teach You About Kicking Ass With Social Media! by Mack Collier
What’s the difference between a customer and a fan? Nothing in concept, but different in perception. I always enjoy when “old Alison” and “new Alison” can combine (I have a degree in music business and spent my 20′s working in the industry) and listening to folks talk about community/social media as it pertains to music. So many in the industry don’t “get it” because it is hard for many to grasp the ROI surrounding it, but when those do utilize the tools, they reap the benefits. It extends beyond the music industry to really any business in which a community organically organizes itself, with our without your help. It’s time for you to pay attention, businesses, and jump in.

Social Media Planning & Measurement: Proving (or not) the Value of Social Media by Beth Harte
Beth speaks of the importance of making sure you have a strategy before you hop in head first into any social media campaign, as well as ensuring that you measure the success of those campaigns (cough…social tools….cough), and how proving ROI is an essential component of the entire process.

Opening keynote: Andrew Keen
Andrew brought up some amazing points about how social media is revolutionizing the way we live, he even goes as far to call it the next industrial revolution. I don’t know if I’d go *that* far, but I really enjoyed his refreshing remarks on the the social media landscape and how we will start to see a new powershift in the world via social tools.

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