List of Epic Ninja Awesomeness


List of Epic Ninja Awesomeness

What you could do with the time you save by using Raven Internet Marketing Tools:

  1. Play more poker.
  2. Drink more beer.
  3. Make more love.
  4. Jazzercise.
  5. Joggle.
  6. Watch TV in real time.
  7. Organize your Twitter lists for #NewTwitter.
  8. Work on your novel.
  9. Call your mom.
  10. Call Your Mom
    Just when was the last time you called your mom? She gets lonely, too. (iStockphoto)
  11. Call SEOmom.
  12. Wash your jeans.
  13. Seriously, wash your jeans. Febreeze is a stopgap, not a solution.
  14. Write a song.
  15. Buy an album.
  16. Buy new shoes.
  17. Read the kid to sleep.
  18. Video your cats.
  19. Watch cat videos.
  20. Make soup.
  21. Roasted Potato Leek Soup
    Mmmm.... soup. (Courtesy of Rebecca Crump)

If you clicked on this link expecting Epic Ninja Awesomeness, you should have known better.

If you want to read a more useful list, check out Taylor Pratt’s Ultimate List of Conversion Optimization Tools.

If you save time using Raven Tools, tell me what you do with the extra time.

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  • Arienne

    Kristen, me too! Perhaps I should have said “Dream of new shoes” with a link to McQueen, then “Buy new shoes” with a link to Off Broadway or DSW. Anyway, I’m dreaming about those McQueen lace ones…

  • Kristen

    I spend time NOT buying new shoes but rather wishing I could afford any McQueen. Thanks for that…