Link Prospector now exports directly to Raven's Link Manager

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Link Prospector now exports directly to Raven’s Link Manager

If link building is part of your SEO strategy and you’ve never heard of Link Prospector, then you’re in for a treat. Link Prospector simplifies the very tedious process of finding link prospects.

The tool is simple to use, affordable, and the results are fantastic! Link Prospector is also a perfect compliment to Raven’s Link Manager, which is why I’m excited to announce that you can now export link prospects directly to a campaign within Raven.

How to export link prospects

Link Prospector is one of the first tools to use Raven’s improved API to export links to your account. Raven provides a unique API key for each profile you’ve created in your account. Here are instructions on how to get the API key from your account.

Once you have the API key, go to Link Prospector and log in. Click on the Profile link in the main navigation. At the bottom of the page you will see a form to enter your Raven API key. Link Prospector supports the ability to add multiple API keys (one for each profile in Raven), so you can add more than one!

After you save the API key(s), you will have the option to export directly to Raven. In Link Prospector, go to a list of prospects. To export, click on the Raven Export button, select the prospects you want to export, and then choose the Raven profile and website to export to.

When you click the Export button, the selected link records will automatically be added to the Link Manager on Raven. They will also be tagged with linkprospector so you can more easily filter and identify those links.

You can learn more about Link Prospector, and see a screencast of this tool in use, over at

Although Link Prospector is one the first to use Raven’s Link API, it won’t be the only tool. We expect to announce more integrations soon!

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