Limited Edition PubCon Vegas 2009 T-Shirts from Raven

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Limited Edition PubCon Vegas 2009 T-Shirts from Raven

We’re excited to announce our limited edition PubCon Vegas 2009 t-shirt. We made less than 500 of them and they were made specifically for PubCon Vegas 2009. You can grab one of these shirts for free only at our PubCon booth in the exhibit hall. It’s first come, first serve. We expect them to go quickly, so come early!

We have a women’s and men’s version, both of which are printed on super-soft American Apparel t-shirts. The women’s tee comes in Rasberry and the men’s tee comes in Army Green. These are the designs that will be on the front of the t-shirt. And in typical Raven-style, there’s no obnoxious URLs or product names splattered on the front or back of the t-shirts. This t-shirt was designed to celebrate PubCon and to give you something you would be proud to wear. After all, PubCon rocks!

PubCon Vegas 2009 T-Shirts by Raven
Thanks to Kathryn Henshaw for the awesome graphic design for the t-shirts.

Team Raven Wearing PubCon Vegas 2009 T-Shirts

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  • William Rock

    Got Mine…. Thx

    Great Photo Guys

  • Jeff Randall

    Nice – I’ll have to try and get one of the limited edition shirts! I’m looking forward to seeing Team Raven in a few days.

  • Nakul Goyal

    Count Me In :)

  • Matt Pellerin

    Save a mens large & I’ll post a pig w/credit in my blog of me wearing it!