Lee Smith-Bryan Awarded Best Honors

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Lee Smith-Bryan Awarded Best Honors

According to respected social media consultant Tamar Weinberg of Techipedia, and Managing Editor of Search Engine Roundtable, the posts that she selects for her highly-anticipated Internet Marketing Best Posts series are “. . . typically timeless – they’re not confined to a specific event or news occurrence – they’re valuable for the long haul in terms of Internet Marketing and creative strategy.” In other words, Ms. Weinberg chooses posts which she believes will be relevant for years to come. She invests considerable time, effort, and consideration into her selections, and the posts that make her list are truly the best of the best.

That’s why we’re pleased to inform you that a post by Sitening’s SEO Manager, Lee Smith-Bryan, was chosen one of the Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2008 by Ms. Weinberg. Smith-Bryan’s post, 7 Social Media Websites and their Impact on SEO, was first published on the Raven blog on March 19, 2008.

When informed his post had been chosen, Smith-Bryan responded, “It really is a huge honor, professionally and personally, to be listed alongside some of the best minds in the Internet Marketing business.”

Smith-Bryan, who is from England, founded his own company when he moved to the US, specializing in Web design and SEO. He joined Sitening in 2007, where he has utilized his SEO skills and journalism background.

Smith-Bryan intends to do his best to make Techipedia’s Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009 list. You can read his post first by reading it here.

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