Latest Revision to sIFR 3 Supports Pixel Fonts


Latest Revision to sIFR 3 Supports Pixel Fonts

Mark Wubben just announced the release of sIFR 3 Revision 209. This revision includes the following new features:

  • Support for pixel fonts through the pixelFont argument. See JavaScript Methods: replace.
  • A way to stop the page jumps by specifying the ratios argument. (More about ratios). See JavaScript Methods: replace.
  • Support for fixed font sizes and sizes relative to the main size, see font-size in Styling.
  • Simplification in the API, you can now pre-fetch by passing the movies to activate() instead of prefetch(). See the How to use.
  • Improved pre-fetch code for Internet Explorer.
  • Laid groundwork to communicate with the Flash movies.

Pixel Fonts & sIFR

I’m particularly interested in the support for pixel fonts — fonts that are designed to be very small, but legible. We use pixel fonts in our futurpublish products, but I’ve generally stayed away from using them on websites, because I could only use them on images. Support for pixel fonts means I can use some of my favorite pixel fonts to stylize headers and navigation elements. This essentially opens up the possibility of new design and layout options.

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