Latest Build of Google Chrome Supports Site Specific Search


Latest Build of Google Chrome Supports Site Specific Search

One of the nicest features of Google Chrome is the single input field for entering URLs or search queries. One of the nicest features of Firefox is that you can search on different sites (search engines or apps) in their search engine input field. I’ve always wanted that feature on Chrome, but the single input field has prohibited that from being possible. That is, until now.

The Google Chrome team has found a way to provide similar functionality to Firefox, while adhering to their minimalist design. In the latest nightly build of Chrome for Mac, they’ve introduced a new feature that makes it easy to search other sites, including Facebook. If Chrome supports the website’s search functionality, it will display a “Press Tab to search” on the right side of the Location input field.

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  • Marketing Consultant

    I have chrome on my desktop and I used it for 2 weeks straight. Honestly I do not understand why Google is wasting their time. With firefox having so my plugins and how well it works why build something else? I think google should focus their efforts on cleaning up the problems with local search and really make wave something special. I think the Chrome browser should be abandoned.