Did You Know? Upgrade Your Google Analytics Reports


In 2013, we radically redesigned Raven, making it a simpler, more modern experience for our users.

We also launched some cool new features along with the new Raven, namely a brand-new keyword rankings tool and a major upgrade to Google Analytics.

These days, your Google Analytics reporting is ultra-flexible, giving you access to Advanced Segment filtering, the ability to pick and choose metrics, new graphing capabilities and more.

Did you know that you can upgrade your Google Analytics reports to take advantage of new features?

Don’t miss out on valuable functionality in your scheduled reports – upgrade now. Here’s how.

  1. Navigate to your report in Reports > Report Wizard and click the report link to edit it. For a surefire way to determine modules that need updating, look for modules labeled “Analytics” in the listing. New versions will call the module “Google Analytics” instead.DYK-UpgradeGA-1
  2. Find any of the “old” report modules that are still lingering in your report. You can tell these modules apart from the new versions by noting whether or not there are tabs at the top of the module. For example, here’s an old module.
  3. Add the corresponding new version. Drag it to a position above or below your old module.
  4. Set up your new module to mirror what the old module was providing. Or, leave it alone entirely to just use the default settings. (Note: These modules no longer use the “Exclude Paid Traffic” setting, so you’ll need to choose an appropriate Advanced Segment from the listing to mimic this setting.)
  5. Delete the old module.DYK-UpgradeGA-4

Repeat for each additional module. Don’t forget about your Report Templates – if you’re using the old versions there, they’ll stick around until you change them manually.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to upgrade your reporting modules – they’ll work perfectly fine on the old versions. But if you want to take advantage of our newest functionality and any forthcoming upgrades, updating is necessary.