Did You Know? Add a Custom Favicon to Raven

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Did You Know? Add a Custom Favicon to Raven

Sometimes little things can make a big difference.

Take the favicon, the little icon that appears in browser windows like so. Creating one can give a site that extra bit of polish – particularly if it’s a site clients are going to be accessing and viewing.


Did you know that in addition to setting up your custom logo in Raven’s white label section, you can also create a custom favicon? Here’s how to set it up.

First, go to Preferences > White Label.

white label

Then click the Choose File button from the Favicon section and upload your favicon file. Don’t have one handy? Simply find a square image of your brand and run it through a favicon generator.


Depending on your browser, your custom favicon will also likely appear next to any bookmarks you have to Raven.


Every Raven account includes unlimited read-only users (who can see data in Raven but cannot change it – you can even customize what data they are able to see!), so a favicon can be the icing on the cake if you’re giving clients read-only access in Raven.

Want to see what other white label options you may be missing out on? Check out this helpful post on customizing the appearance of Raven.

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