Did you know? Keeping tabs on link monitoring usage

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Did you know? Keeping tabs on link monitoring usage

If you’re managing multiple link building campaigns, Raven’s link monitoring can save hours of your time. Link monitoring automatically checks your successfully built links – making certain that links are current and any changes to link activity, anchor text and position are well-documented.

One way to manage your link monitoring usage would be to apply the same settings to all of your websites.

But what if one needs frequent checks and another only needs monthly checks? What if you’re only interested in checking a couple of paid links, so you set one of your websites to only check the links that you mark for monitoring? Even with just a few campaigns, this can get tricky to keep track of.

View all link monitoring settings

Did you know that, if you are the account owner for your Raven account, you can view the link monitoring settings for all of your websites from the “Usage” page?

It’s simple. Just:

  • Navigate to User Preferences > Usage.
  • Scroll to the Link Monitoring section and click the question mark icon.
  • Voila! All of your websites in all of your profiles with Link Monitoring active are listed here.

This is handy for a couple of reasons.

  1. You’re able to see exactly how many links are being checked and at what frequency. This will let you plan for any overages that you might see or even head them off. Let’s say that you’re about to embark on a wide-scale link building program that is going to balloon your links by a couple hundred. By viewing the usage data, you can make certain that you’re not checking links daily, which would eat up your allotted Link Checks in short order.
  2. It tells you if you’re monitoring all of your links or individual links. This will help you identify opportunities to ratchet up or down your Link Monitoring settings.
  3. It lets you quickly identify patterns in usage. Perhaps you want to see which members of your team are using link monitoring the most or how many links are being built for each website. This will give you an idea of both.

Remember, this process only works if you are the Raven account owner and have access to the Usage section of Raven.

View link monitoring settings by website

If you’re not the account owner but have unrestricted access to Raven, you can view your link monitoring options by navigating to Links > Link Manager and clicking the “link monitoring” icon in the tool icons bar.


Here, you can apply your link monitoring preferences on a site-by-site basis.

Link monitoring usage defined

While we’re talking link monitoring, it’s also worth pointing out the difference between the numbers you see on the link monitoring page and in the usage data.

In short, the link monitoring page shows a projection of how many link checks will be used over the course of a month based on a calculation of the amount of days between billing dates, the amount of links being checked and the frequency at which those links are checked. This is designed to help you make decisions long before you creep up on overages.

Comparatively, the usage page shows your actual usage. Which is to say, the usage page only counts link checks that have actually occurred in your account. If you’re on day three of your billing period and you’ve checked 300 links daily, your Usage page will show 900 link checks – not 9,000.

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