It's Fun Hitting Milestones

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It’s Fun Hitting Milestones

Raven’s growth and acceptance into the industry continues to amaze me. We are so thankful for all of our customers, and are excited about the many larger agencies and in-house marketing departments that have chosen to adopt us for their Internet marketing needs.

While we generally don’t talk publicly about who uses Raven, or how many people use it, that certainly doesn’t mean we ignore it internally. Like many companies, we have internal goals and targets. However, unlike many companies, when those goals are met, all of the employees are rewarded.

We recently hit a new account and revenue milestone, one that I would have never thought possible a year ago. This one was especially exciting, because it not only meant that every employee got an automatic raise, it also meant they all got brand new iPads as an added bonus!

Thank you to our amazing customers, and to our kick ass employees, for helping make Raven what it is today.

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