iPhone Owners Feeling Sore About Apple's Price Drop Should


iPhone Owners Feeling Sore About Apple’s Price Drop Should “Share Their Story”

Yesterday, Apple announced an immediate and significant price reduction for the iPhone — down from $599 to $399. Normally, a price reduction like this would be good news, but not if you were an early adopter who purchased the phone within the last two months. In fact, that’s the rub. The iPhone has only been out for two months!

I’m an early adopter of the iPhone, and I wasn’t thrilled when I heard about the price drop, but I tend to fall into the John Gruber camp.

Apple didn’t cut the price because demand is low — they set the debut price ridiculously high because demand was ridiculously high. I suspect that for the first few weeks, they were selling iPhones as fast as they could make them. Apple’s being aggressive, not defensive. (And for those of you who’ve already bought one and are pissed about the price cut, if you didn’t think the iPhone was worth $599, you shouldn’t have bought it. That’s how supply and demand works.)

However, that doesn’t keep me or many others from wanting to whine to Apple about it. That’s where Apple’s Share your iPhone Story page comes in. I have no doubt that this page was designed to get positive testimonials from happy iPhone users, but it also looks like a good conduit for expressing buyer dissent. Similar to online petition sites that collect thousands of signatures for a cause, I would imagine that having thousands of early adopters submitting their ill feelings through this form would probably get their attention. Especially if they demand some sort of action.

I’m proposing that unhappy early adopters request a $100 gift certificate for iTunes. It seems like a very reasonable request and it’s certainly something that would be used by all iPhone users. Here’s an example of what I submitted to them:

Dropping the price of $200 for the iPhone, only after it’s been out for 2 months, is very disappointing. This decision will greatly discourage me (along with many other people I’ve spoken with) to be early adopters in the future for newly released Apple products. Instead, we’re going to wait a few months until you drop the price by 1/3. In the interest of consumer satisfaction, it would seem like the wisest and fairest move on Apple’s part to provide all iPhone owners, who purchased an iPhone before the price drop, a $100 gift certificate for iTunes.

I’ll be the first to admit it’s whiny, but I really am a little bummed about their decision. Their decision is also making me seriously consider ever being an early adopter of Apple products in the future. So if I could get $100 gift certificate from them, that would probably sooth any hard feelings that I have right now.

Update: Steve jobs offers all iPhone early adopters a $100 credit that can be used at any Apple retail store or online.

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