Internet Marketing Ninjas and Their Value to SEO


Internet Marketing Ninjas and Their Value to SEO

Three thousand dollars. Think about how much money that is. It’s a lot for anyone. Now think about what you would normally do with that money. Pay off debt, use it for a down payment on a car, make a couple of mortgage payments perhaps, possibly put it in your kid’s college fund or even a help pay for a family vacation. All of those would be worthwhile uses of your money.

Now how about one year’s worth of exclusive access to SEO tools and access to seasoned search marketing gurus? I don’t know about you, but I can find an awful lot of information about virtually any topic I desire on the Internet for free — especially information on SEO techniques. So how could that possibly be worth $3,000 per year?

Jim Boykin is a great guy and very well respected amongst his peers. He uses innovative SEO techniques and his knowledge of SEO and the Search Marketing business is second-to-none. But is the Internet Marketing Ninjas program a venture one step too far? Lets take a further look at what we’re getting for our three-thousand dollar layoff.

The Internet Marketing Ninjas Program offers exclusive interviews with top SEOs, PPC experts, social media gurus, affiliate marketing experts, and more. Buy the videos now, and get free access to our Private Ninja SEO Toolbox with your year’s subscription! These are the tools that the ninjas at We Build Pages use every day to propel clients to the top of the rankings.

Exclusive Interviews

Rand at SEOmoz recently commented that 90% of all SEO knowledge is “out there”. He also blogged about how information spreads in the search world. The exclusive video’s that the Internet Marketing Ninja’s are offering as part of the subscription had better contain all of that ten percentile of hidden knowledge. Otherwise, I’m paying for something I could find relatively easy with a few clicks of a mouse (granted I have to know where to look, but that shouldn’t prove too difficult).

Private Ninja Toolbox

By taking a look at the tools they’re offering, the majority of them are tools that were in the public domain, but have now been removed. So, what makes the tools now so exclusive that they are part of a three-thousand dollar per year program? There are some never before released tools that will be part of the program, but they are going to have to be really special for the price tag.

Perhaps this is the way SEO and Search Marketing is heading – SEO at an exclusive price. But I can’t help but think that Jim is targeting large corporations that keep their SEO in-house. Either that, or it’s an incredible piece of linkbait…

For now, I think I’ll stick to something more affordable and practical…coughRaven SEO Tools. And I still think that most of the knowledge you need can be retrieved through free online communities and blogs. The rest really comes down to real life experience and simply practicing the art of SEO.

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