Raven launches new Insights tools


Raven launches new Insights tools

There seems to be a backwards trend going on in the SEO tools world lately. I have seen a lot of companies start to have a much heavier focus on ranking results. They’ve either added ranking results for the first time to their service or they’re trying to make overly sophisticated reports around them. And they’re doing this during a time when most Internet marketers are finally realizing that rankings results are not what they should be focusing on.

Ranking results do have their place, which is why we rely on our friends at AuthorityLabs to provide that data for our customers. Ranking results are commonly used for gauging how well a keyword focused campaign is doing, and in aggregate, indicating problems or successes in a campaign. For more advanced SEOs, ranking results can also be used in complex competitive SERP profiling.

Regardless of their usefulness, they are not the best place to get actionable or insightful data for your site. If you want to find actionable data, the first place you should look is your site analytics, not where you rank.


Today we’re launching a major new section in Raven called Insights. Insights is designed to provide you actionable data from the best place possible: your own website.

Insights is similar to our Metrics section, in that it uses data from Google Analytics, and it provides views and reports that are desirable to Internet marketers. Where it differs is in its approach. Insights goes beyond performance, because it focuses on discovering campaign opportunities.

In the context of the new Insight tools, opportunity refers to a keyword or content that either has high site engagement or converts well. The tools give preference to keywords or content that have little traffic, but high engagement or conversion rates. It then sorts the keywords or content accordingly, based on their perceived level of opportunity.

Insights is a main section of the Raven platform, so getting there is easy. It’s located between Metrics and Reports.

Navigation for Insights

Keyword Opportunity tool

The Keyword Opportunity tool determines keywords that provide the most opportunity for your site. For example, this mobile blog has a high level of site engagement opportunity for keyword searches related to “usb 3.0″ and “backup macbook.” That means the site could increase site engagement by targeting those keywords in a campaign.

Keyword Opportunity for Mobile Blog

If the website has Goals or E-Commerce set up in Google Analytics, the tool can also determine which keywords provide the most opportunity for completing Goals and converting.

Content Opportunity tool

The Content Opportunity tool works similarly to the Keyword Opportunity tool, except it evaluates site content. Based on the data from the same mobile site, one could determine that the biggest content opportunities include GPS navigation apps, iPad rentals and screenshots of unreleased iPad apps.

Mobile Blog Content Opportunity

Getting started

If you have already authorized Google Analytics in Raven, then Insights is ready to go! By default, you will be able to view keyword and content opportunities based on site engagement for all websites with Google Analytics synced in Raven. In addition, if you have enabled Google Analytics Goals or E-commerce in Raven, opportunities based on that data will be available for the Keyword Opportunities tool.

If a Google Analytics account has Goals or Ecommerce already set up, but it’s not appearing in the Keyword Opportunity tool, it can be enabled on the Google Analytics “Settings” page. To get to the page, go to Metrics > Google Analytics and then click on the Configure GA icon.

Google Analytics Settings

If you would like to use Goals or Ecommerce but have never set it up with their Google Analytics account, please read these Goal set up instructions by Google.

We plan to grow the Insights section with more tools to help you make the best decisions for your Internet marketing campaigns. We welcome any feedback about the new tools and also future tools you would like us to consider making. Please submit all feedback and feature requests to support@raventools.com.

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