Infographic: Social Media Analytics

Social Media

Infographic: Social Media Analytics

Araceli Perez of e-interactive created a fantastic infographic resource for social media analytics. Because the original infographic was written in Spanish, we invited Ara to translate it to English and post it on the Raven blog.

Social Media Analytics Infographic
Click the image to download a PDF of Ara's social media analtyics infographic (English version).

Thanks again for putting together such a great resource, Ara!

Araceli Perez works as a Marketing Consultant at e-interactive, an Online Business Solution agency located in sunny Barcelona (Spain). She is also e-interactive’s CM and writes for their blog.

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  • Kristen

    I’m actually surprised the ROI, social impact, and value are hanging around 50%. I would have expected higher uncertainty as many companies don’t seem to have a structured manner of tracking social.

    Love the metric breakdowns. I’m going to apply a lot of these to my current processes and tracking, see if I’m missing anything.


  • Soha Parmar

    Wow Amazing,

    Thats the really great article for Social Media Analytics. Its a Very Useful for Social media Lover.

  • Jeroen Bouserie

    There’s a small typo in the paid solutions, the ‘t’ is missing in Meltwater Buzz

  • Something Sublime

    Thanks for great information…

  • Dana Lookadoo

    LOVE it! Question about Step 2: Are those clothes dryers? If so, should we run our analytics on Ultra Delicate, Perma Press or High?

    The couch for “Understanding Each Social Metric” is perfect!

    You hit one out of the park with this!

  • Bruno Gavino

    Great graphic and easy to understand. I work in a social media analytics company and I think that the graphic is not well detailed in the user influence terms wich is a central question for social media.

    Each source for every source should be evaluated according to several terms and criteria. Some of these are potential reach of information, number of followers, compared statistical data between sources and search engine statistics, frequency of comments, retweets, and text sharing.

  • Marchell Gillis

    I like it – very specific, but easy to follow!

  • Taylor Pratt

    Thanks everyone for the great feedback.

    Roy: nice catch! I’ll see if we can get Ara to update it when she gets a chance. Thanks!

    Jim: Unfortunately, there is only so much you can fit in an infographic. That’s definitely something we can try and include in a future one.

  • Jim McCready

    Doesn’t address ROI.

  • Roy Morejon

    Great infographic. one note on the free tools: I believe “” should be

  • Amanda Record

    I think I’m in love!

  • Travis Campbell

    Nice work. Appreciate the solid list of paid social analytics tools!


  • Aaron Douglas

    Good job with the infographic! Must say, too bad there’s not an embed code to easily share with my audience…