Increase Your Google AdSense Revenue With Ads Black List


Increase Your Google AdSense Revenue With Ads Black List

There are several ways to increase AdSense revenue — good color schemes, intelligent designs and clever ad positions. I recently stumbled upon another way to improve AdSense revenue. It’s called Ads Black List and it allows you to take advantage of a special feature called Competitive Ad Filter. is an unique project and it’s purpose is to enable you to maximize your AdSense revenue with minimal effort. How? Very simple. By providing you with list of most commonly filtered websites whose webmasters use AdWords to attract visitors for low price click so they can convert it to high price click on their own MFA (Made for AdSense) or Low Cost per Click site(s). In order to STOP these type of actions going on through your sites, all you need to do is to paste our custom generated list to your AdSense Setup -> Competitive Ad Filter list. Your revenue should substantially increase.

Using the service is very simple. After you’ve added your website(s) you can then choose the type of ads you want blocked (Made for Ads and/or Low Cost Per Click) and add keywords that best fit the content of your site(s). Clicking the Generate button will create 200 blacklisted URLs which can then be saved in the Competitive Ad Filter list on AdSense.

I haven’t done any extensive research on whether or not the AdSense revenue has improved for the site I’m using the list for, but in theory it should be doing better.

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  • elmot

    Wow! It is only now actually that I have discovered this ads blocker in adsense that could stop low paying ads from appearing on one’s blogs,

    Thanks to this! :D

  • baloot inc

    thanks for this lovely tip. i hope this will increase my adsense revenue…

    did u apply for premier account?

  • ebooker

    I did saw this site before adsblacklist i forgot to register , i will do it now , i thank god and you for remembering this to me.