How to Use the Raven Contact Manager and Website Directory

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How to Use the Raven Contact Manager and Website Directory

I’m what you might call an organizational freak. I like spreadsheets. I like everything to be in a particular place. Hell, I even like the items in my pantry to be categorized by meal type. Why? Because it improves efficiency! And because I’m slightly crazy.

When I first got into internet marketing 5 years ago, I did everything in Excel. I used to have custom spreadsheets to help me evaluate linking opportunities, to keep of track of who I had contacted and what their sites were. Then I realized: that’s a lot of work! Luckily, Raven Tools can save you a significant amount of time with our CRM and Website Directory.


Contact Manager

The CRM shows all the contacts you have across all of your websites and profiles in Raven. Whenever you fill in the contact information for a link record you set up in Raven, we store that information in the CRM. The CRM will tell you:

  • The name of the contact
  • What website they own
  • The number of links you have across all websites and profiles from the contact
  • Any tasks associated with the contact

So what’s the benefit? For one, let’s say that you set up a link relationship with a website editor but they didn’t hold up their end of the deal. You can search for the link, website or contact name in Raven to pull up all of the information about that relationship (assuming you filled it out). Then you can ask the person on your team associated with that contact to reach out again.

Another way users like to use the CRM is to set up links from the same website for more than one account. Let’s say you have an awesome link from one of your industry’s top blogs, and you want another. Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly pull up who your contact was for that site, who on your team has a relationship with them, what link you had created and when? Think how much smoother the communication process would be the next time you made your pitch, if you were prepared.

Website Directory

The Website Directory aggregates all of the websites related to links recorded in the Link Manager. The purpose of the Website directory is to help reference and find websites for building links. Since the directory is a global tool — it shares data from the entire account — it can be incredibly useful when working with new websites and clients.

For example, the directory can be used for finding websites where you’ve successfully built links from before, enabling you to do less research and to not have to develop new relationships with website editors.

Raven also stores important quality information with each website for a quick snapshot.

Final Thoughts

The CRM and Website Directory were designed to improve the efficiency, collaboration and communication between team members. As an added security blanket, you can export all of your contacts and the entries from the Website Directory at any time.

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