How to Use Purchases from Amazon Associates' Affiliate Program to Better Target Your Visitors


How to Use Purchases from Amazon Associates’ Affiliate Program to Better Target Your Visitors

Two of the biggest challenges of running a niche Web site are what to write about, and what products you should mention and link to. In most cases, writers are limited to the products they can promote and earn from affiliate programs.

Fortunately, provides one of the oldest, easiest, and best affiliate programs available. Their inventory is unprecedented, which allows you to find and link to just about any type of product imaginable.

While the inventory of products at Amazon is helpful for getting just about any niche site started, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be selecting the best products to push on your site. More often than not, when site owners check their sales from Amazon’s affiliate program, they notice a strange thing. They’re making sales, but people aren’t buying the product(s) they’re blogging about.

What many affiliate marketers don’t realize is that the sales data provided by Amazon is actually actionable intelligence. The products that sell from traffic generated from your affiliate links can provide significant insights.

Popular & Alternative Products

You may be publishing content and links to a particular product, but there may be a different, closely related product that you should be discussing and linking to. For example, if there’s a related product that sells better than the one you’re promoting, consider changing it.

Content Opportunities

Based on the items being purchased from people who visit your site, you can get content writing ideas. For example, you may have written about one aspect of an issue or product, but visitors to your site ultimately buy a product that relates to a variation of your original idea. Use the products that sold to inspire you to write new, related content. You may also want to consider updating your existing content to reflect what people are actually looking for and purchasing.

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