How To Track Social Media Success with Raven's Event Manager

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How To Track Social Media Success with Raven’s Event Manager

In my spare time, I’m lucky enough to help the folks over at a great non-profit, South African Youth Education for Stability (SA-YES), with their Web presence.

The co-founders and board members are not well versed in Internet marketing practices, but they do know that it’s the easiest and cheapest way to spread their message across the globe.

My challenge is to show them how certain events – like a social media campaign – correlate to increased traffic and donations. Raven’s Event Manger is a big help in making this happen. Here’s how to track social media success with Raven’s Event Manager.

Step 1: Create your event

Located under the Campaign section within Raven, Event Manager has a simple concept: Any type of “event” during the course of your Internet marketing campaign can be cataloged to display on various graphs throughout the Raven platform.

Event Manager Menu

Did you do a major link building campaign? Send an email blast? Coordinate a social media blitz? You can catalog all of these key events in the Event Manager to show your client how those activities translate to increased site traffic and conversions.

Simply click “Add Event” and fill in a few basic details to catalog your event.

Adding Event to Event Manager

Events in Raven can be given three different scopes: website, profile and global. If the event applies to just the website you’re working with, give it website scope. If you have several client sites within a profile and the event affects all of them, select profile. If you want to make something like a Google algorithm change that could affect ALL your sites, set the event to global to span your entire Raven account.

You can add an unlimited number of events to your Raven account, so feel free to create them for even the smallest action. You can also color code your events to help organize them.

Step 2: Analyze social metrics

Now that we’ve noted an event, let’s go see what effect it had. My campaign focuses on social media, so we’ll go to Metrics > Social to see how my efforts did.

All of the graphs within Raven’s social metrics section have events built right in, so it’s easy to see if a particular event correlated with a spike in social engagement. You might also notice a spike and decide to dig deeper to find out what happened and then create a new event to record your findings.


For the event I have highlighted here, mentions are up as supporters spread the video virally. I also see a huge spike in mentions on June 17, so I can go back through mentions from that day in the Twitter management section and create a new event once the source of the spike is uncovered (In this case, it was a fundraising event).

I can also take this one step further by seeing how all that engagement affected traffic back to the SA-YES website. All I have to do is move from the Mentions tab on the left in the screenshot above down to the Referral Traffic tab.

Step 3: Report it

Reporting is the last step, and the one where it all pays off.

I can download an instant report from any of the graphs above just by hitting the Build Report button.


Or I can use Raven’s Report Wizard to create a more in-depth report and even schedule it for my next meeting with SA-YES.


In this case, I’ve used the Report Wizard to generate a report focusing on SA-YES’ Google Analytics metrics, including the Summary module, which shows metrics like pageviews, time on site and bounce rate….


…and Top Referrers, which breaks down the sources bringing in traffic. I’ve found this extremely helpful in trying to explain why social media is such a great medium. It’s hard to ignore so many (Twitter) referrers, and in this format there is very little to explain.


Did those events have positive effects? Sure looks like it! Now I can show the co-founders my report and they’re sold. No more begging a client to do something – they understand it and see what should work in the future.

This is so easy to do with Raven’s reporting system. In just a few moments you can produce a branded PDF report with all this great data and more.

So if you want to show a boss or client how certain events pay off in terms of website traffic and brand equity, get to know Raven’s Event Manager.

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Alison Groves was the former User Evangelist for Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

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