How to stalk us on Google Plus

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How to stalk us on Google Plus

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Until the new business page option for Google+ comes along, you may be wondering where to find Raven news and staffers on Google+. Yes, you could look for us by name, but to help you out, we thought we would give you a click-and-circle list of Ravens you’ll find on Google+ and what kind of stuff we might be sharing.

Ravens on G+

Who to follow: Courtney Seiter, Community Manager
What you’ll get: “Tech and media articles that excite me or make me think, cute animal videos, pop culture and unpop music.”

Who to follow: Alison Groves, User Experience Manager
What you’ll get: “Nothing but me bragging about all the things my coworkers are doing—and a few hipster puppies.”

Who to follow: Arienne Holland, Communications Director
What you’ll get: “A variety of things that make me laugh or think. Narratives worth reading in bed on Sunday morning. Also publicist stuff that’s in my job description.”

Who to follow: Jeff Crump, Art Director
What you’ll get: “Random nudity.” (We think he’s kidding.)

Who to follow: Jon Henshaw, Director of Product Innovation
What you’ll get: Jon is on vacation, but his recent G+ posts include Raven stuff, geeky stuff and roller turtle.

Who to follow: Taylor Pratt, VP of Product Marketing
What you’ll get: Taylor is also on vacation, so right now you’ll get lots of photos of lakeside Michigan that will make you jealous. In the future, we’re sure it’ll be lots of smart stuff about SEO.

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Courtney Seiter wrangled a smart, savvy community of Internet marketers as Raven's first Community Manager. She moved on from Raven in January 2014, but her social media and writing advice stands the test of time.

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