How to Setup URL Shortener on Tweetie 2 for iPhone

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How to Setup URL Shortener on Tweetie 2 for iPhone

Atebits recently released their new version of Tweetie for the iPhone. For me, it’s the best Twitter client that’s ever been made for the iPhone. You can read this in depth review of Tweetie to get a better idea of everything Tweetie 2 has to offer. The feature I want to highlight is Tweetie 2’s ability to support 3rd party URL Shorteners.

We developed our own URL shortener called, but since it’s not called or Digg, we’ve had a difficult time getting 3rd party Twitter clients to support it natively. Tweetie lifted that barrier by building in support for custom URL Shorteners that follow certain API standards. This is not only brilliant, it also makes us love Atebits even more!

Instructions for Setting Up in Tweetie 2

On your main Accounts page, click on the Settings button on the bottom-left of the screen.


Click on URL Shortening.


Click on Custom…




If you have a account and want to use your API key, enter this instead (where 123456 should be replaced with your API key:

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  • Justin

    Thanks Jon! Just set up a account and it’s all working great with Tweetie 2.0.

  • Dana Lookadoo

    Great, now you have hammered the nail in the coffin to convince me to get an iPhone. I’ve been trying to avoid AT&T…

    I was putting together a list of URL shorteners just today and realized that after playing with many of them, how much I really like

    Nice post, Jon. You are an excellent instructor with delivering information as well!