Did you know? Optimize Raven for non-English languages

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Did you know? Optimize Raven for non-English languages

We have Raven users all over the world. One common question I get from new folks checking out Raven in a trial account is “Does Raven work in Israel/Germany/South Korea/etc?” And the answer (for the most part) is: Yes!

If you’re working with non-English data, here are the places to check out in Raven to help you optimize.

1. Site > Settings

Many of our data providers have language and country options. You can select your preferences per website here. Also, you can select your preferred time zone and default PDF font preferences here.

2. Metrics > Ranking > Search Engines

search engine icon
Our rankings data partner is Authority Labs. They have an extensive list of countries that are available across Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Check here to see if the country you’re interested in is available.

(By the way, if you’re setting up a new website and you go to Metrics > Ranking, you’ll be redirected to Site > Keywords. Once you have at least one tracked keyword, then you can go to Metrics > Ranking and click the Search Engines icon.)

3. Reports > Wizard

In the Report Wizard, there is not a way to get rid of all the English text. For instance, English descriptive text will appear in many reporting modules. However, you can include your own text in any reporting module. Just click the summary link and get to it.

summary text field in Raven

Additionally, if you have a report that will include non-English characters (say you’re doing some link building in Hebrew or Korean), then scroll to the bottom of your report and set the font to alternative. This will make sure Raven uses a broader character base to build the data in any tables in the report.

These are the places to explore first to see the versatility of Raven when it comes to non-English data.

We’re always looking for ways to improve Raven, so let us know what you’d like to see next!


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