How to Grab a Screenshot of an Entire Web Page


How to Grab a Screenshot of an Entire Web Page

Web designers and marketers often need full-size screenshots for before-and-after shots and also for portfolio pieces. Fortunately, there’s many ways to create website screenshots. However, among all of the options, my favorite way to make full-length screenshots is by using Screengrab! — a Firefox Add-on.

Using Screengrab! is about as easy as it gets. Simply bring up the page you want to grab and then click on the Screengrab! icon on the status bar.


The result is a full-sized screenshot of the Web page. I used it to take a screenshot of Snipplr, our public code snippet repository for designers and programmers.

Screengrab of Snipplr

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  • Jon Henshaw

    @andi, it’s useless if you’re trying to screengrab pages with Flash, but I think it’s silly to expect that it would be able to capture a Flash “movie”, which is what all swf files are. Instead of calling something useless, try using your imagination just a little bit and do the following:

    1. Use screengrab to get an image of the full page

    2. Take a screenshot of the Flash movie with the screenshot options that are native with your OS.

    3. Use image editing software like Photoshop to crop the Flash image and then paste/place it on the screengrab image.

  • andi

    Leaves blank space where any flash content is, useless.

  • Pam

    The information was insightful. I’ve never written a blog before, so the information was very useful in determining which programs to use.

  • Diane

    Another very good Firefox extension for screen shots is Fireshot, has lots of options, and will take the full page. It puts a button on the main toolbar, just hit that and you have an image. It also allows you to do some editing.