How to Enforce Your Copyright Online


How to Enforce Your Copyright Online

Sarah Bird, the person responsible for keeping SEOmoz out of trouble, offered some excellent advice on how to enforce your copyright online. In her blog entry she stated, “Don’t get sad. Get letter-writing mad!” She offers four ways to enforce your copyright.

  1. Contact the website owner
  2. Send a Take-Down Notice to the Online Service Provider (“OSP”)
  3. Send a Take-Down Notice to the Company that Registers the URL
  4. Send a Take-Down Notice to the Search Engines

Each item details how to research and contact a website that’s infringing upon your content. She includes several best practices throughout the entry, including this one:

If you get a response from the website owner and she is resisting removing the content, it may be worth considering whether you can turn the infringer into an affiliate. Since it’s your content that’s driving ad sales, you may convince the infringer to give you a share of the ad revenue.

Ahh, clever. Hit them where it hurts. Google even encourages this in regards to AdSense. After you send a notice of alleged infringement using their procedure, they encourage you to notify them so they can take the appropriate action.

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