Did you know? Create Twitter lists in Raven

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Did you know? Create Twitter lists in Raven

Ah, those wonderful Twitter lists you use to keep track of different groups of folks on Twitter. Did you know that they can be accessed in Raven?

Create a new list, or add folks to an existing one – all while working in Raven. Here’s how.

Create a Twitter list

1. Go to Social > Twitter and connect an account if you haven’t already.

social > twitter

2. Click Lists from the menu on the left.

lists menu

3. From here, we’ll show you any existing lists that are associated with this account. Click the Create List button.

create list

4. Now give your new list a name and description. By default, your list will be public on Twitter, but simply switch the toggle to Private if you want to create a list only you can see. Click Submit.

create list description

That’s it! Your list is now live.

Now, here’s how to add someone to an existing Twitter list.

Add a user to Your Twitter list

1. From the Twitter tool, select “Add or remove from lists…” from the gear icon next to a tweet..

add or remove to list

2. Select the list(s) to which you want to add the user and click Submit.

assign list

3. To view your lists, just click Lists from the menu on the left.

lists menu

You may also want to learn about creating Twitter searches in Raven – another convenient feature.

Enjoy this handy feature to help build relationships while you’re working on other tasks in Raven!

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