How to build links and relationships with Raven's Social Monitor

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How to build links and relationships with Raven’s Social Monitor

The concept of link building lives mostly in the SEO realm, but it makes just as much sense in social media.

Today, link building has become less (or not at all!) about bulk submissions to directories and blog networks and more about building relationships. And social media is the perfect medium to start cultivating those relationships.

If you’re already managing your link building campaigns with Raven, we’ve made it easy to bridge the worlds of SEO and social media in order to keep building those relationships. Want to use social media to work on your link building? Social Monitor to the rescue! Here’s how.

Set up a search

Let’s say you’re doing internet marketing for Nashville’s local hockey team, the Nashville Predators, and you’re trying to not just build links in general, but get the word out about a special event the team was doing for fans. The first thing you might want to do would be to set up a search for that key phrase in Raven’s Social Monitor.

Mine through the data

Once your search runs, it’s going to return some really great data for you. From here, you can find out where the mention comes from, see the automatic sentiment assigned to it, and begin to sift through the data.

Add mentions to Link Manager

When you come across a mention from an author you’d like to get to know better for a potential link, all you have to do is click on the gear icon next to the individual mention and select “Add to Link Manager.”

Navigate through as many mentions as you like to find relationship prospects. When you’re done, you can move onto the Link Manager to begin your outreach.

Find contacts and reach out

Once in Link Manager, you’ll find all the links you added in the previous step now appear here with a status of queued, meaning they’re queued up to take action on at a later time. You can do all of the research you want in Social Monitor or any of Raven’s other link research tools like Research Central and know that when you come here you’ll have a nice list of queued links waiting for you.

You’ll notice that the first queued link here is from our Social Monitor search. I can now go into that link record, by clicking on the “queued” link status, to start my outreach. Scroll down the link record a bit and you’ll see the the website URL, which was sent over from the Social Monitor.

Just below that comes the best feature: Find Contacts. You have the website you want to contact, but how about the right person to start the conversation with?

With the Find Contacts feature, Raven will provide you with a quick list of the top 10 contacts we find for any given site, and give you as much information as we can. From there you can determine the best person to reach out to and send them an email to reach out about a link or anything you like.

Monitor the progress

Once you’ve started your outreach, you can move the link status from queued to requested.

From there, if you have link monitoring enabled, the link will automatically move from “Requested” to “Active” once established, and Raven will also keep you updated on any changes that happen.

Fine tune and keep building

If you feel like you’ve exhausted link building opportunities with one keyword or phrase, you can always add more Social Monitor searches. Create a new search with a different keyword, or include variations on your main keyword using advanced searches. For example, in our Nashville Predators example, we could search “Nashville Predators OR Preds”.

Experiment with phrases and see what returns the best results for you. And enjoy finding new sources and building those relationships.

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Alison Groves was the former User Evangelist for Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

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