How to be a Power User


How to be a Power User has become an essential component to most SEO specialists’ lives. On one hand, represents an opportunity for website exposure. Getting on’ popular list can drive a tremendous amount of traffic. In fact, just creating simple bookmarks on their system can provide moderate exposure and traffic for just about any website. On the other hand, is an indispensable tool for easily and quickly keeping track of the thousands of sites that a person encounters on a daily basis.

Since is so important to a specialists’ daily work (and leisurely browsing), it makes sense to learn how to become a power user of their system. The Web Worker Daily recently compiled an excellent list of power user tips for Power User Tips

  1. Tag, Tag, and Tag Some More
  2. Bundle Your Tags
  3. Use the Browser Add-on
  4. Prune the Plant
  5. Build Your Network
  6. Use Subscriptions to Find More Links

You can read Become a Power User to get a more detailed description of each tip.

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