How Raven's past life shaped our team tools for Internet marketing

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How Raven’s past life shaped our team tools for Internet marketing

Before there was a raven, there was a robot.

Not too many people know this, but before Raven, there was Sitening, an internet marketing agency doing SEO, PR and more.

Sitening, Raven's past life identity

Raven was originally built for us at Sitening (where I was a copywriter turned linkbuilder) to help us be more productive, work as a team and manage all of our work in one space. Most importantly, it gave us branded reporting capabilities for all of our clients.

From that firsthand history comes the Raven that you know today: a platform that’s great for the individual internet marketer but truly shines in a team environment. Here’s how it all came about.

Tools to manage your team

Since Raven was built from within an agency, we used our own pain points to come up with solutions to help us work together as a team.

  • Roles and access rights – Data is sensitive, and not everyone needs to have access to everything. With the Role Manager, you can set access rights for each sub-user for peace of mind that your employees are seeing just the data they should.
  • Google Analytics integration – With Google Analytics built right into Raven, everyone on the team can see the data that is most important to everyone: goals and conversions.
  • Task manager – Linkbuilders and social media managers can assign tasks to other teammates right within Raven to keep everyone communicating and on the same page.
  • Basecamp integration – Use Basecamp as your task manager? No worries, you can use that in Raven too.
  • Persona Manager – Store all of your social media login information in one place. No more trying to hunt down a Digg username and password while a teammate is on vacation or out sick.

Tools for remote employees

Being a smaller agency, we did a lot of freelance hiring to fill voids depending on the project. Remote employees, however, pose their own special communications needs. How do we handle all of those remote communication needs?

  • Link Manager – Manage the linkbuilding process from beginning to end. Research, outreach, active links, all the way through the life cycle of an individual link can be managed.
  • Social stream tasks – Assign tasks that arise from tweets or other social mentions to another teammate as needed. Since the Social Stream operates in real-time, you’ll always be on top of things, and tasks will help you share what you need to across the team, no matter where they are.
  • Data partners and integrations – With 20 data partners (and counting!), there is no need to have your internet marketing data spread across the web. Everyone on your team can have access to the data in one central location.
  • PDF reporting – Want to see what an employee has accomplished? Have them run a PDF report for you, whether it’s a weekly status update or just a quick progress report.

Communication tools

In the height of our agency days, we were a staff about 20 strong, plus freelance employees all around the globe. But whether you sit in the same room as a co-worker or are halfway around the world, communication can be difficult. That’s how communication features within Raven began to emerge.

  • Contextual messaging – Show your co-worker exactly what you want them to see with contextual messages. Want them to check out a particular link record or research query? Shoot them a quick contextual message – it’ll automatically include a link to the exact page you’re on within Raven.
  • Notifications – If a link changes or you get a new social mention, Raven will notify you. It’s a quick and easy way to stay on top of not only what you’re working on, but what the whole team is up to.
  • Inbox – Keep communication easy with Raven’s inbox. All messages will relate to your marketing work to help streamline your workflow.
  • Website Directory – Any link record across your entire account can be viewed in this global feature of Raven. Great for sourcing links another teammate has built.
  • Tasks (Basecamp or Raven) – Need help with a project? Write it down within a task (either in Raven or in Basecamp) so employees always have a running list of things that need to be done within Raven.

We think our “previous life” (as I like to call it), gives us a unique perspective on just what you need to manage your internet marketing team as efficiently as possible.

If I missed any of your favorite features or tips for managing your team with Raven, tell me about them in the comments! We love to hear all of the unique ways that people are using Raven to make their lives a bit easier.

Alison Groves is the User Evangelist for Raven Internet Marketing Tools. She helps make the things that make dreams take flight. She likes sports, yelling, and yelling at sports.

More about Alison Groves | @RavenAlison

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