'Hit-It-And-Forget-It' Isn't Nevermore's SEO Strategy


‘Hit-It-And-Forget-It’ Isn’t Nevermore’s SEO Strategy

Mike WiltonMike Wilton is the search engine marketing manager for Plastic Surgery Studios, and is also an independent SEO consultant. He’s a fan of Raven Internet Marketing Tools, but that’s “just an added bonus” for his business name, he says.

What’s the story behind Nevermore Search Marketing?

I have always been a huge fan of Edgar Allen Poe and specifically the tale of “The Raven.” Early in my web career I was more focused on the design end of the spectrum and worked under the name Nevermore Graphics. That name carried over as I began focusing on independent SEO consulting.

Nevermore prides itself on its ethical internet marketing services. How do you define “ethical internet marketing?”

Ethical internet marketing means two things to me. First, in how I do business. As an internet marketer I am up front and open about everything I do for a client’s site. From beginning to end, my clients will know what on-site and offsite efforts have gone into the success of their internet marketing efforts. Second, I focus on SEO techniques that will drive traffic and rakings without a potential negative outcome, unlike some small SEO companies that still use link farms, comment spam, link buying and article spinning to drive links and rankings.

How do you convince clients that a long-term strategy is critical, that unethical quick results aren’t the way to go?

I point out the ROI for a long-term SEO strategy. Many times short-term SEO goals have quick gains but lack the ability to keep producing. Long-term SEO strategy has the potential to grow.

Also, I point out the potential effect of spam-y internet marketing tactics. I quantify the risks by outlining the lost time and financial investment costs if you have to scrap a site that was penalized by the search engines.

To achieve that long-term ROI you tell clients about, how long do you recommend they engage in an SEO project?

Like most internet marketers, I feel that SEO is an ongoing effort. It’s not a hit-it-and-forget-it strategy. Ultimately the time it takes to reach certain goals will vary based on the niche and the competition. I give clients a ballpark estimate of when they should start seeing results from our efforts, but always stress that as long as they plan on doing business online, they should be looking at their overall SEO efforts and internet marketing strategy.

Let’s talk about Plastic Surgery Studios. What are you doing to outrank your competitors?

Plastic Surgery Studios provides internet marketing solutions for plastic surgeons and maintains the flagship websites PlasticSurgery.com, CosmeticSurgery.com and iEnhance.com.

Plastic surgery is a highly competitive market, but while many in our niche are still using reciprocal links, and networks of sites all interlinked, we are gaining ground through stronger content development and prospecting news, blog, and educational resources for links.

What are the Top 3 things you look at when analyzing a competitor’s SEO efforts?

Domain age, keyword targeting and backlink profile. By using this data not only can you identify how hard it may be to achieve certain results, but also it can uncover great opportunities for keyword targeting, especially when it comes to terms your competition isn’t paying attention to.

If you uncover a site that is more than a decade old with a strong backlink profile, it’s safe to say that the terms you are competing for are part of the long term strategy. From there you can research terms that the competition is ignoring and dominate those SERPs in the short term.

How has Raven helped you manage your internet marketing efforts both at Plastic Surgery Studios and as an independent consultant?

Both in-house and as an independent consultant Raven has helped to keep all of my necessary tracking and reporting in one place.

When I began working for Plastic Surgery Studios in January 2009 they had just started using Raven. It has since become an integral part of our reporting and tracking system. Branded reports are easy to provide to clients with link, ranking and traffic data without having to compile all the information from different sources. It has also helped us show our clients growth over time — with the systems the company had in the past, that was nearly impossible.

We are also wrapping up development of a new social media service for our clients and I am looking forward to seeing how Raven’s new social media tools can tie in with our efforts.

Mike Wilton is quite the social butterfly, and fellow social media addicts can find an extensive list of nearly every social networking account he manages at the About Mike Wilton section of his personal blog. Everyday social networking users should follow @mwilton13 on Twitter.

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