How To Hide Google Webmaster Tools Messages


One of the most valuable tools in Raven is our integration with Google Webmaster Tools, which gives users access to information on crawl issues, related keywords and, of course, keyword ranking data. (You do know that you can authorize your GWT account in Raven to get average rank data straight from Google, right?)

But, along with all of this data comes the tricky matter of Messages. In Google Webmaster Tools, Messages are alerts from Google that tell you about crawl errors, visibility issues, account changes and other information.

The trouble is that GWT doesn’t divide your messages among each individual domain – it just dumps them all in one place. Which can be useful, but it can also be a privacy concern. That’s where Role Manager comes in.

Did you know that you can hide Google Webmaster Tools Messages (and just Messages!) from other users?

  1. First, make sure that Google Webmaster Tools is set up for your Raven Campaigns. It’s as easy as authorizing your account and adding as a Restricted User to appropriate domains in your GWT account.
  2. Create a new Role in Role Manager. Navigate to Preferences > Role Manger and click Add Sub-User Role.DYK-GWTMessages-1
  3. Fill in the name of your Role and scroll down to the SEO section. See the Webmaster Tools Messages entry? Click the No Access bubble next to it.DYK-GWTMessages-2
  4. Save your Role and apply it to any Sub-Users that you want to remove GWT Message access from.DYK-GWTMessages-3

All of the affected users will no longer see the Messages section in SEO > Google Webmaster Tools, but will still have access to Top Searches, Crawl Issues, Sitemaps and more. Keep in mind that Read-Only users do not have access to this section by default.

  • olivernielsen

    You should utilise the keyword query data from Google Webmaster Tools to beef up the Keyword Insights tool – which is currently less useful than it used to be, due to the Google Analytics’ [keyword not provided] situation, filtering out 95% of the data.

    Using GWT data could make the Keyword Insights useful again. No?

    • Jon Henshaw

      That’s an excellent idea. That tool needs to be beefed up regardless. We’re still deciding if we’re going to consolidate it into an existing tool or if it makes sense to do what you’re suggesting along with some other changes we’re considering. Thanks for the suggestion and feedback :)

      • olivernielsen

        Glad to hear you’ll beef it up Jon! Have a nice day.