Help, My Dog Ate My Raven Invoice!


What happens if you don’t have a Raven invoice and you need it for accounting purposes?

The process is different depending on your level of access within Raven Tools. Here are the steps you need to know.

Account Owners

If you’re an account owner, you’ll see the billing options in Preferences. Here are the steps.

1. Go to Preferences > View Invoices

view invoices

2. Click Gear Icon > Download PDF next to the invoice you need

Raven Invoices You can also click Gear Icon > Resend Email to send the invoice to your billing contact, which is listed at the top of the View Invoices page. If the billing email address on file is not correct, click the Billing Settings button to change it. This sends you to Preferences > Payment Details.

Everyone Else

If you’re not the account owner, you don’t have access to these billing settings. Here is what you’ll want to do instead.

1. Ask the account owner to verify the billing email address.

billing email You can send the account owner this blog post and have them verify your email addresses is set up in Preferences > Payment Details. If more than one person should be receiving invoices, consider creating an alias that sends emails to multiple people. If the account owner is no longer with your company, click the Help Center icon in Raven and we’ll help upgrade the right user.

2. Have the account owner send or download any missing invoices

Raven Invoices

If your email is set up as the billing contact and the account owner resent the email, be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see it.

To Change Who Receives Invoices

What if a different person than the account owner should be getting invoices? All invoices are sent to the billing email address on file at Preference > Payment Details.

The account owner can go here and add a new billing email address to configure invoices to go to someone other than themselves. Another trick if you want the invoice to go to multiple people is to send it to an email alias or forwarding email address.

Still Need Help?

If you still can’t see the email invoice, have the account owner manually download an invoice for you as a short-term solution. Then have your mail administrator white label the IP address to ensure your mail server is accepting emails from Raven.

If all else fails, click the Help Center icon in Raven or email us at before flipping over any desks, and we’ll help see what’s going on.

You never have to worry if your dog eats your invoice again! We have your back. (Also, don’t feed your dog invoices.)

Photo Credit: Kerem Tapani via Compfight cc

Nathan T. Baker
Content Marketing Specialist

Nate is Raven's Content Marketing Specialist. He writes during the day and plays board games at night.

Nate is Raven's Content Marketing Specialist. He writes during the day and plays board games at night.