Happy Birthday Raven!

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Happy Birthday Raven!

We had a little party over the weekend to celebrate the launch of Raven, our SEO tools suite (more to come on that later). A cake was purchased (after, no lie, having to jump through legal hoops to get it printed) for the celebration, and when the time came to cut the cake, the Children Of Sitening thought it was someone’s birthday, so we sang Happy Birthday to Raven. Seeing as how they are all under the age of six, I say a birthday was the best way to explain to them what was going on. I mean, a product launch is like a birth right? Mark the date, October 2, 2008, the day Raven was (re)born.

So happy birthday Raven. May your first birthday taste as good as your launch.

Alison Groves is the User Evangelist for Raven Internet Marketing Tools. She helps make the things that make dreams take flight. She likes sports, yelling, and yelling at sports.

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