Hang out with us Friday on Google Plus

Hang out with us Friday on Google Plus
Ravens hanging out on Google Hangout


So, how ’bout that Myspace-Justin Timberlake deal? Just kidding, no one cares about that. Google+ is, of course, all anyone in the Internet marketing community is talking, blogging or pontificating about.

While some are still trying to get into the damn thing for the first time* (no, we don’t have any invites), many have already chalked up some serious hours, Circle-ing (Plus-ing?) like pros. Raven has already posted some thoughts about the 6 best features of Google+ and where we see it in the social networking landscape. But we still want to talk more about it, with you. Yup, on Google Plus.

So we’re hosting a Raven Hangout this Friday, July 8. Raven’s Taylor Pratt and I will open up the doors to our unauthorized Raven Google Plus account at 4 pm EDT to anyone who wants to chat about Google+ and what it means for all of us. Or we could just all watch Nyan cat videos together. Whatever y’all are into. See you then!


* If you don’t have access to Google+ yet, don’t worry – we’ll probably do this again.