Growl Pepper Plugin for Mint


Growl Pepper Plugin for Mint

In my last post I talked about the PHP Growl notification class I wrote. A few readers emailed and asked to see a larger, working example of how to use the code, so I’ve written a plugin for Shaun Inman‘s popular Mint software. Growl Pepper will notify you whenever certain events happen on your website. For example, when you get a new referral or a unique visitor. You can also setup custom alerts that will notify you anytime someone visits a specific page. It’s a fun plugin that lets you see your stats as they happen. You can download Growl Pepper here.

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  • Will

    Yeah, this is super awesome, but I haven’t been able to config it yet, and I’ve love some tips about how I can test if my port mapping is working. I’ve got things set up as I think they should be, but I’m unable to see 9887 from a site like

    Any tips? A quick tutorial would be awesome!

  • Samuel Mikel Bowles

    I’d love to use this Pepper but I can’t seem to get it running. I think two things might make it easier to bug test: 1) a “send test message” button to make sure everything working. 2) can I use my dyndns address instead of a static IP? If I can’t this would be a necessary feature for a lot of people.