Graffiti or Art?


Graffiti or Art?

I recently found these stencil based images on a small power box by the sidewalk, about a block away from our office. For all technical purposes, this is illegal art. However, unlike tagging, which is the equivelant of a human dog marking their territory with something that adds no cultural value (imo), this was actually intriguing and somewhat thought provoking.

Similar to a mural, these stenciled images seem to present a story (possibly random). It transformed an otherwise boring green box into an abstract message. I’m curious to know how other people feel about this. Do you see it as an illegal and visual eyesore or do find cultural value in it? Also, do you see any (guerrilla) marketing value in this type of graffiti?

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  • Paul Baines

    It’s rather a broad question using a specific example. The photo depicts a sub-par piece of tagging which is in my opinion just a scrawl. Yet there are works of art out there slowly fading away on walls across the world that genuinely improve the environment and even make you think differently about the world. We have been doing it since we were cavemen, galleries and the media are a closed shop to most artists, this way at least they get some exposure.

  • Paladin

    Graffiti is vandalism. Some of it look great and some is scrawling. However, it is vandalism everwhere it is not on private property and in conformance with the sign code.

    For the “artist” it is just stealing advertising space.

    How would you feel if McDonalds make some arty stencil and tagged your car with it? Would you be okay with it if were artfully done?