Google Street View Cars Forced to Paint Road Lines While Driving the Streets of Nashville


Google Street View Cars Forced to Paint Road Lines While Driving the Streets of Nashville

By now, most people are familiar with Google Maps Street View feature. Street View shows you a 360 degree view of any address you enter. Google accomplishes this amazing task by using an army of specially outfitted vehicles that drive around and take pictures of every street in the city. The Street View feature has received tons of praise from Internet users, but cities like Nashville, TN are up in arms.

“These Google cars ride up and down our streets, sometimes 12 or 5 times back and forth. They’re making pot holes, causing wrecks and costing our city millions of dollars,” said Nashville’s Mayor, Karl Dean. “If they’re going to ruin our streets, then they’re going to fix them at the same time.” And that’s exactly what he made them do. He had all of the Google Street View cars retrofitted with road line painters and forced them to paint all of the streets of Nashville.

Although Nashville was the first city to make Google provide a municipal service with their vehicles, several other cities have followed suit. Atlanta, GA recently required all Google cars to be outfitted with mosquito sprayers and Houston, TX is requiring all of the cars to pick up road debris.

Matt Cutts, a long-time Google employee, was asked what he thought about this alarming trend. He said, “I’m not really sure how our cars are causing any harm to the city roads and I don’t really see any merit in the claims these cities are making.” He then pulled out a box full of soap, stood up on it, and ranted for about twenty minutes about the real evil that people should be worried about, paid links.

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  • Larry Brewer

    The picture was priceless. It wouldn’t surprise me if Carl Dean actually tried to do this.

  • Jon Henshaw

    @mash: fortunately, I can’t claim to be a designer and it only took me about 10 minutes. It was enough to do the trick as far as I’m concerned.

  • mash

    yeah, how’s that photoshop class working out for you?
    not too well, i see.

  • heather

    Uhm, did anyone notice that it’s April 1st?

    Besides, I’m fairly certain that that’s not legal. :P

  • Fritz

    It’s real! I saw 3 of these cars this morning on my way in from Dickson, TN. Normal looking compacts just like in the picture above. All had a few extras welded to their chassis like the paint striper depicted in the picture above.

  • arudd

    I’m attempting to figure out if this is bunk or not.