Google Rankings Just Got Even Better in Raven

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Google Rankings Just Got Even Better in Raven

Thanks to some recent changes at Google, we have some great news for customers who use rankings in the Raven platform – and for SEOs in general.

John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, recently posted that Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) will now provide more detailed search query data. That means better authorized Google rankings data for Raven.

The biggest change is that Google will discontinue rounding. Before this change, GWT would round out any results below 10 and report “<10″ for both impressions and clicks. Now Google will include the actual number, which provides much better and granular results – even for smaller sites.

Raven’s Keyword Ranking tool already supports the retrieval and processing of this data, so the transition will be automatic and smooth.

Bottom line: Thanks to awesome improvements by the GWT team, we’ll be able to provide more accurate report impressions and clicks going into 2014. Goodbye <10!

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