Google Picasa Web Album Uploader for Mac OS X


Google Picasa Web Album Uploader for Mac OS X

Google gave Mac users some love on Wednesday when they released Picasa Web Albums Uploaders for Mac OS X. The best part of the package is the iPhoto plugin that let’s you export any pictures from iPhoto to Picasa Web Albums. Here are a few screenshots of it in action.

Picasa Web Albums Uploader

This is the standalone application that allows you to drag images onto the window and then upload it.

iPhoto Plugin Menu

To access the plugin, select the images you want to upload and then click on File > Export.

iPhoto Plugin Window

With the plugin, you can create new albums or add images to existing albums. One thing that’s disappointing is that Google limits your disk space to only 250MB. This seems low for a company like Google, and I can only hope that the limit will increase in time ¬†similar to Gmail.

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  • Saagar

    This looks better than the windows version with iPhoto tied in!