Google On The Verge Of Taking Out Multiple Industries


Google On The Verge Of Taking Out Multiple Industries

The introduction of Google Base comes only 2 days after its annihilation of the web statistics industry. Google Base is a direct text input system that collects information on a variety of items. At the time of this writing, they include:

  • Course Schedules
  • Event and Activities
  • Jobs
  • News and Articles
  • People Profiles
  • Products
  • Recipes
  • Reference Articles
  • Reviews
  • Services
  • Vehicles
  • Wanted Ads

Left alone, Google Base wouldn’t seem all that significant. However, when tied with other Google services, like the planned Google Classified service, Wanted Ads immediately becomes a huge threat to traditional classifieds, and existing services like Craigslist.

Each main category represents a business sector that will most likely be decimated once Google connects the data to a related service. seemed to take a benign look at Google Base, and was even quoted on Google’s official blog today about how excited they were to post their jobs on it. That seems like a shortsighted and naive approach, especially since Google could easily start Google Jobs, and destroy existing job sites like Monster, Hot Jobs, Dice, and

Looking further down the list, we see Google’s cross-hairs on a much smaller target, Recipes. Recipe websites, like, have often enjoyed the ability to collect quality recipes that help drive repeat traffic to their website. However, the tyranny of recipe websites will soon end if Google has its way. I can already see the future — Google Recipes.

I get the eerie sense that Google is quickly becoming the new It would seem that they’re going to have a section and area on just about everything. Except this time, the moderators are replaced by algorithms and bots, ridiculous popup ads are replaced by more acceptable Adsense/Adwords ads, and the content is actually good and plentiful.

There’s nothing wrong with what Google is doing. In fact, it would seem on the surface that Google is making it easier to collect and find the information that we all want. It’s just important to point out that Google is quickly making enemies. For each new service they provide, virtually hundreds of companies may be affected, and many jobs lost. The freedom of information will come at a cost, and Google seems to be its avenger.

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