Google Launches AdSense Referrals (Beta)


Google Launches AdSense Referrals (Beta)

Google has debuted a new AdSense Referrals product. Although AdSense has supported referrals for a handful products and services (AdWords, AdSense, Firefox, etc…) for some time, the new referral program is a dramatic change for the product. The email message being sent out states the following new features:

  • Earn extra revenue on a cost-per-action basis
  • Select ads from hundreds of AdWords advertisers as well as our standard Google product offerings
  • Select a list of relevant keywords for your site and let Google figure out the best ads for your site
  • Customize your referral ads to match the look and feel of your site
  • Track the success of your referral units with custom channels

The full message being sent is below and you can learn more about the new product by reading their Referrals Start-Up Guide.


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