Google is Shutting Down AdWords-to-AdSense Websites (aka Arbitrageurs)


Google is Shutting Down AdWords-to-AdSense Websites (aka Arbitrageurs)

Search Engine Roundtable is sounding the alarm for anyone who has created a Made for AdSense (MFA) website and is using AdWords to drive traffic. They cite this recent thread as proof. Publishers are reporting that their AdSense accounts are being terminated, because of their MFA websites.

The practice that’s being targeted by Google is simple. Create a website that fully utilizes AdSense to show high priced ads and then drive traffic to the site using AdWords. Webmasters who have mastered this technique currently make up to $70,000 per month (before AdWords expenses).

The scheme works by making more money from the click on the publisher’s AdSense ad than they’re paying for their own AdWords ad. Search Engine Roundtable  the source for this news  explains it this way:

If they pay $0.20 per click on AdWords and make $0.25 per click with AdSense, they make $0.05

That number seems small, but if it’s conducted on a grand scale, it can be quite lucrative  and now very risky.

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